Altearah Christmas Boxed Set: Blue Peace Body Oil, Pink Tenderness Perfume & Turquoise Serenity Scrub

Product Description

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If you are tense, nervous, or anxious, Blue Peace soothes your mind, and makes it easier to express yourself and communicate. The scent is peppery, clear and cooling – the calm after the storm, bringing you back to balance.

In learning to love and accept yourself, Pink Tenderness is a blanket of support and comfort, helping you find inner peace. The scent is sweet, mild and flowery – inspiring you to live through compassion, affection, and kindness.

When you need to relieve tension and relax, Turquoise Serenity brings you into a state of tranquillity, where your body and mind is released of worry. The scent is refreshing, lemony and peppery – restoring peace and calm.

Made in France. 

Ecocert certified 100% organic.

One Voice certified, not tested on animals and free of animal products. Vegan.

Slow Cosmetique certified, a natural, healthy and reasoned approach to consumption.