Altearah Christmas Boxed Set: Gold Confidence Body Oil, Red Vitality Perfume & Emerald Oxygen Concentrate

Product Description

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If you need to reflect and rebuild your emotional resources, Red Vitality motivates and stimulates your senses, energising your sense of self, and makes it easier to express yourself and communicate. The scent is spicy, warm and comforting – helping you to make the most of your day, giving you the boost you need.

When you need a breath of fresh air, Emerald Oxygen restores your personal space and eases the pressure of daily life, giving you a sense of direction. The scent is woody, airy and refreshing – reorienting you with clarity and calmness.

Need a boost in your self esteem? Gold Confidence helps you to really shine, uplifting and inspiring you to approach life with clarity, motivation and drive to go after what you want. The scent is warm, sweet, earth and rich – radiating confidence and success.

Made in France. 

Ecocert certified 100% organic.

One Voice certified, not tested on animals and free of animal products. Vegan.

Slow Cosmetique certified, a natural, healthy and reasoned approach to consumption.