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Altearah Clarity Refreshing Face Toner 200ml

When you are needing to recognise intuition and are seeking objectivity, Indigo Clarity help you connect to wisdom and truth, enabling you to reach your true potential and greater consciousness....
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Altearah Pampering Package Box Set

Let us support and pamper you while you support your family. Take some time for yourself, clear your energy and gather your resources. You deserve it! You cannot draw from an...
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Altearah Passion and Desire Pamper Pack

Awaken the passion and desire in your love life. Stimulate your senses, starting with the warming Orange, creativity scrub, the Red, Vitality body oil and the Pink perfume for more...
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Altearah Perfume Foundation 5 Set

Altearah Bio has selected these 5 colours as they are the foundation for everyone. These 5 colours address most peoples health concerns: Royal Purple creates more energy and a better...
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Skin Care

Altearah Pure Cleansing Face Wash in White Pure

Are you looking to cleanse your mind and body of pollution and impurities? White Pure lightens your body and mind, regenerating your body and spirit. The scent is airy and...
Skin Care

Altearah Sublime Neuroactive Face Moisturising Day and Night Skin Cream 30ml

Altearah Sublime Neuroactive face cream offers you the ultimate solution for youthful skin. It is the first organic neuroactive face cream that works deep within the cell structure to hydrate,...

Clear your manifestations

Manifesting your dreams is a power tool to creating the life you love. After completing the Powerful Manifesting workshop you have clarity and direction. With the right support you can achieve...

Colour Consultation

Having trouble choosing? Maureen can help you. Contact Maureen to get assistance and insight into the perfect solution for you right now.  Maureen’s 15 years of experience in Kinesiology, in...

Connection Code

Reconnect to your positivity in a time of turmoil. When you have a problem in your life the connection code will help you to find acceptance, awareness and gratitude for...
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Create your own personal Pamper Pack

Select you very own pamper pack so that you can treat yourself to a Spa date at home. Choose form any salt scrub, any body oil and finish with the...
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Demo Day

Discover the art of muscle testing and explore the magic of revealing the secrets hidden within your body and mind.  Muscle testing allows you to tap into your nervous system and access...


Flower essences are used to support healing, lift and strengthen higher vibration and frequency.

Find Your Calm Webinar

Online webinar on Wednesday 5th August. Discover how to identify and manage your stress so that you can remain calm and in control during times of change and deal with...
Professional Range

FREE Colour Workshop

Join me for a deep dive into the wonderful world of colour! Tuesday evening I will be hosting a free webinar to educate and inspire to ensure you have the...

Free Your SELF; Soul Experiencing Life fully

To experience life fully you must integrate the mind, the body and the Soul.  Your Soul is your Source Of Unconditional Love and when we integrate the Soul into our...

Freedom and Independence Webinar Recording

You missed the webinar on 1 May revealing the root cause of why you might feel 'not good enough'. Feeling this way has become a common problem and it has the...

Full-Day Chakra Wisdom Workshop

Join me on Saturday 12th February for a full day Chakra Wisdom workshop from 10am till 4pm  Learn about the 7 chakras and the gifts they offer you to learn about yourself...

Get back to Sleep

Not being able to sleep can be a nightmare and can affect many areas of your mental and physical health and wellbeing. It's important to restore your body harmony and...
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Kinesiology business and professional coaching

Powerful combination of Kinesiology and professional coaching to reveal, and resolve limitations and blocks to creating your successful business.

Letting Go

What are you holding on to that could be holding you back and tying you down?  It's time to let it go. Let go of your past, your old pain...
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Love and Nurture

Take some time to love and nurture your self, both body and mind, and find your nurturing place. Receive a White salt scrub to cleanse and nourish, a Pink body oil...
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Manifesting Mastery

Manifest like a Master. Create a life that you actually love. Life can be easier when you get really clear about what you really want. We often don't take the time...

Mini 5ml wellbeing perfume spray set

5 x mini perfumes in Altearah 5 key colours: Emerald to open your heart and breath in life.   Royal Purple to boost your energy and strength  White to detox the...
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Muscle Testing Workshop

Join me for a one day workshop and learn how to talk to your body.  Muscle testing gives you access to the subconscious workings of your body and mind. Discover...
Skin Care

Natural Essential Oil Face Serum – Balance

Natural essential oil and antioxidant-rich face serum with purple to achieve balance!  When you are looking to rebalance, and connect into deeper spirituality then Altearah Purple Balance supports you. Realigning the mind...
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Natural Essential Oil Face Serum – Energy

Natural essential oil and antioxidant-rich face serum with Royal Purple to aid energy!  If you are exhausted and need to recharge, Royal Purple energises you, giving you strength and stability. The scent...
Skin Care

Natural Essential Oil Face Serum – Oxygen

Natural essential oil and antioxidant-rich face serum with Emerald to aid oxygen intake!  When you are looking to rebalance and recover from physical, psychological shock or emotional overwhelm, Altearah Silver Repair...
Skin Care

Natural Essential Oil Face Serum – Purity

Natural essential oil and antioxidant-rich face serum with white to achieve purity!  When you are looking to rebalance and recover from physical, psychological shock or emotional overwhelm, Altearah Silver Repair soothes...
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