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Bring yourself back to balance with Altearah Silver Repair 0

At Altearah Bio, we believe that wellness is achieved through the balance of our emotions.

The stress of daily life means we all need to look after ourselves so we can handle whatever life throws at us. Altearah’s Silver Repair helps bring your body back into balance with our unique essential oil blends. Certified organic, and vegan friendly, this beautiful range of organic sensations come in a perfume spray, body oil, and handy concentrate roll-on.

Made from a blend of organic essential oils, Silver Repair includes healing favourites such as geranium, orange, lavender and sandalwood. However, the star in this healing blend is Helichrysum italicum, which acts as an antioxidant, an antibacterial, an antifungal and an anti-inflammatory, boosting health and warding off disease. Some of its most popular uses are for treating wounds, infections, digestive problems, supporting the nervous system and heart health, as well as healing respiratory conditions.

The Altearah Silver Repair Body Oil has a deeper action, penetrating through the skin, into the blood stream and is transported throughout your body. A longer lasting solution, the oil works on both your mental and physical states, relieving your stress and anxiety. Use after a relaxing bath or long shower.

The Altearah Silver Repair Perfume is fresh, soft and nurturing. If you have a jam-packed day ahead, use Silver Repair Perfume regularly to maintain balance and minimise overwhelm.

Our Altearah Silver Repair 15ml Concentrate is for when you need to remedy cuts, bruises and burns. Apply to a burn quickly, and keep applying until the pain has subsided, and apply as the burn returns. Depending on the severity of the burn, your pain will go and leave no scars or marks. Use regularly on surgical scars, cuts and bruises to eliminate infection, pain and scarring.

Greater wellness is achieved through balancing the emotions and to help maintain a positive outlook. Greater self-awareness teaches us how to understand ourselves, connect with our feelings and to live more consciously and authentically. Altearah is here to support you each day, every day.

Feeling good! 0

Hi. Maureen Callister here from Altearah. Thanks for joining me. I've got a little question for you today. Do you think it's more important to look good or to feel good? It's probably a bit of a chicken and egg, and it depends on which way you look at it. Some people would say, when you look good then you feel good. Or is it when you feel good you look good?

Altearah launches new perfume Concentrate Roll-ons 0

Hi! Welcome to Altearah. My name's Maureen Callister. I'm very excited to tell you about a wonderful new product that we're adding to the Altearah Bio range. Now, if you don't know Altearah Bio, we've got a range of perfumes, body oils, and body scrubs. They come in 14 beautiful colors. They are a blend of pure essential oils and they're blended in such a way that each one matches the vibration and the frequency of a specific color.

Find more balance in your responsibilities. 0

Hi! I want to talk to you today finding more balance. Quite often I see that people feel like they're not carrying the responsibility well and they're not performing in the way they want to. There is an easier way; read on - 

Connect with Mother Earth using Altearah Bio Royal Purple Perfume. 0

Discover how to use the Altearah ritual to connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Nature.

Hi! Welcome to and to Royal Purple. I've got the little perfume here and I'm sitting out in the garden because I want to explain to you the real energy and vibration that the Royal Purple delivers.

"It's all about connecting into Mother Earth and feeling really grounded and connected into nature."

As we connect down into Mother Earth we enjoy her ability and energy as she nurtures us. I'm going to just take you through a little ritual with the Royal Purple perfume to help you with this.

I've got the little perfume, spray that into your hands, give it a little rub, warm it up and let the alcohol evaporate and then take a couple of big, deep breathes. Now I want you to do that two or three times and as you breathe in, the vibration and the energy and the color and all those lovely essential oils that are blended in the Royal Purple, let it come into your body, feel the color and connect it right down deep into your feet and take the energy down into Mother Earth. As you connect deep down into the earth, then bring that energy up and into your body.

That's how Royal Purple brings you more energy. We want the energy of the earth, not the energy from our adrenals, not the energy from rushing around, not the energy from pushing against things, resisting and using our willpower.
We want lovely natural, deep earth energy and then life becomes so much easier. Get your Royal Purple spray, do a couple of big, deep breaths, connect and feel re-energized and revitalized.


5 Easy Tips for more energy. 0

How’s your energy? Tired, fed up and lacking motivation? When you experience a lack of energy it takes all the fun out of life. Lethargy and boredom means that it’s extra hard to achieve your goals which leads to lower self-esteem and a lack of purpose and further despondency.  I’ve put together my top 5 tips to quickly and easily get you back on the right track. I always like to keep things simple and practical so with only 5 things to focus on you can do them all and turn things around for a better life. 

  • Maureen Callister