The definition of anxiety: an anxiety disorder is characterised by excessive uncontrollable and often irrational worry, that is, apprehensive expectations about events or activities.

From my experience in my kinesiology clinic, anxiety is very much a nervous system condition. Unlike depression which is more of an emotional / chemical, heart dysfunction, anxiety is more complicated. I find depression easier to heal; once we find the cause of the hurt or disappointment and clear the suppressed emotions the depression lifts quite well.

But anxiety is a different kettle of fish. There are usually a lot of mental and emotional defence patterns that we need to navigate, as the person’s mind is working hard to protect him or herself from old fears. The cause of the fear has usually occurred very early on in their life as well as the influence of inherited patterns. There is a fundamental fear of not being safe in this world and so the nervous system is working overtime to vigilantly maintain its radar for anything that might be threatening. The anxiety sufferer lives in a constant state of fight or flight.

As well as clearing all the fears and threats I work with my clients to retrain their nervous system. We work on

  • Learning relaxation techniques
  • CBT
  • Self-awareness
  • Nutrition and
  • Building up self-belief and resilience

Plus I don’t know where I would be without my Altearah Bio kit.

The Altearah bio products provide some wonderful solutions that I rely on and highly recommend as support tools for my clients. Let me explain:

The silver perfume spray is an instant and powerful relief in preventing anxious feelings taking hold or for winding down when going through a panic attack. The silver aromatherapy blend when used in the spray and inhaled three or four times instantly changes the brain chemistry.

  • Aromatherapy is well known for its effect on the brain and memory through the olfactory system
  • The blend of essential oils goes to work instantly in the mind and the body
  • When using the Spray in the recommended process it encourages the sufferer to practise deep breathing
  • It is distracting from negative thoughts
  • Refocuses the person onto something positive and healing.

The Royal Purple Body Oil works on calming the nervous system and delivers a sense of comfort and safety. It’s an important aid for anxiety sufferers as it helps to anchor your energy into the ground and creates stability, builds courage and reduces nervousness. This Energy blend offers great support for the adrenal glands which are exhausted through times of anxiety.

Using this oil daily, preferably morning and night gives the body a solid energy base, builds a deep structure and a sense of security but above all repairs the effects of stress.

There are other products in the Altearah Bio range that may be of additional help to you or someone you love who is struggling with the effects of anxiety. Turquoise aids sleep and calms a busy mind, blue can calm anxiety and restore a sense of peace depending on your particular condition, and emerald can be the breath of fresh air you need when you're feeling anxious, restoring your personal space and easing the pressure of daily life, giving you a sense of direction.

If you would like more help or advise or if you would like to book a consultation then please go to the website and get in touch with me. There is loving help and support here waiting for you.