Altearah Perfumes are not like other perfumes.

Each one delivers you with the opportunity to experience a mood and sensation that is unique and personal. Where else are you able to select from 14 emotions, each one delicately blended to take you on a journey into yourself.

Because the perfumes are certified organic and natural they are organic by their very nature in that they work with your skin, your energy and your vibration. There are no artificial chemicals that jar against your body and confuse your instincts.

There are many reasons why people wear perfume: to smell nice, to feel more beautiful, more confident, to attract attention but ultimately its to feel good. The Altearah Bio perfumes will take you to a place of quiet and calm, instantly and gently. It connects you back to the essences of who you are.

At Altearah we use our perfumes differently too. With other perfumes you spray the fragrance onto your wrists and neck and you can certainly do that with your Altearah Bio but to experience the emotional sensation you go a step further.

Introducing the Altearah Ritual:

  • Spray the perfume onto your palms.
  • Rub your hands together to warm and diffuse the perfume.
  • Then holding your hands up to your face,
  • Close your eyes, and while thinking of the colour and the emotion, breath deeply 3 to 4 times.

Become aware of how your body experiences the perfume. Many people say they feel a sense of uplift or lightness. Some feel tingling in the head and shoulders. What is your response? Let me know.\

Do this as often as you can throughout the day to reinforce and re-educate your body to regularly experience this new emotion. 

Next we will look at the Body oils.