Discover how to use the Altearah ritual to connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Nature.

Hi! Welcome to and to Royal Purple. I've got the little perfume here and I'm sitting out in the garden because I want to explain to you the real energy and vibration that the Royal Purple delivers.

"It's all about connecting into Mother Earth and feeling really grounded and connected into nature."

As we connect down into Mother Earth we enjoy her ability and energy as she nurtures us. I'm going to just take you through a little ritual with the Royal Purple perfume to help you with this.

I've got the little perfume, spray that into your hands, give it a little rub, warm it up and let the alcohol evaporate and then take a couple of big, deep breathes. Now I want you to do that two or three times and as you breathe in, the vibration and the energy and the color and all those lovely essential oils that are blended in the Royal Purple, let it come into your body, feel the color and connect it right down deep into your feet and take the energy down into Mother Earth. As you connect deep down into the earth, then bring that energy up and into your body.

That's how Royal Purple brings you more energy. We want the energy of the earth, not the energy from our adrenals, not the energy from rushing around, not the energy from pushing against things, resisting and using our willpower.
We want lovely natural, deep earth energy and then life becomes so much easier. Get your Royal Purple spray, do a couple of big, deep breaths, connect and feel re-energized and revitalized.