Mothers Day is approaching again when mothers get recognized for the wonderful job they do. 

M others are the center of the home and the family. She manages all the activities of the day and juggles the needs of each of the family members.

  • As a mother we are responsible for so many things:
  • Our children’s health - Are they eating the right things?
  • Our children’s education - Getting homework done, getting a tutor?
  • After school activities - Sports, music, drama ….. ?
  • Social activities – do they have the right friends?

The mother’s role is pivotal, particularly in the early part of the child’s life when nurturing and comfort are so important. Mothers often sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children and husbands and even elderly parents.

When I’m working with my clients I regularly remind them how important it is to be aware of the energy they bring to any relationship or task. One day while talking to a young mum about the challenges she was experiencing I was agreeing with her about how hard it can be to be a mother. We so badly want to get it right. We all want to do better than our parents so the expectations are high. So in my efforts to support her I suddenly became aware of what I was actually saying to her. “Mothering is the toughest job in the world”,

Mothering is hard and exhausting”

Wow I thought – how heavy is that?

But I was just being honest in my empathy for her. I had experienced these feeling my self at times and I knew so many mums both personally and professionally that felt this way.

What I realized in that instance is that this was such a negative belief in our image of the role and it would be much better to come at it another way.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the task of mothering we would be much better connecting with the role that we want to play. Be the kind of mother we want to be; the archetypal mother - nurturing, loving and supportive but also fun.

Instead of putting too much time and effort in to the task we could invest more heart and emotion. But to be a more loving and nurturing mother we need to love and nurture ourselves. You cannot be something you don’t feel. So the mother’s most important task is to invest in her own daily self-renewal and to cultivate her strengths and good qualities. By feeling nurtured, strong and balanced, mothers demonstrate that same state of being to their children.

Remember our children will practice what you do, not what you say. Our daughters, will mother as you have. Teach them to be kind to themselves, have self-respect and be self-empowered but above all have Fun!

How do you like to have fun with your kids?

I used to love cuddling up on the lounge and watching the kids movies with them. We love Hercules, the Little Mermaid and the Lion King

What are your favourite memories with your mum?

Or share your favourite way to nurture yourself and if you don’t, what will you chose?