Hi. Maureen Callister here from Altearah. Thanks for joining me. I've got a little question for you today. Do you think it's more important to look good or to feel good? It's probably a bit of a chicken and egg, and it depends on which way you look at it. Some people would say, when you look good then you feel good. Or is it when you feel good you look good?

    I'm probably more of a feel good kind of person. I just think when you feel good you've got more self-esteem, and you've got more confidence. That's always comes across better. There is a famous saying there is nothing more important that you wear than your smile. I think that's very true. We all love it when we meet someone who is confident and radiant and just sure of themselves. It makes people feel comfortable around them, more authentic, right?

    Don't get me wrong. I want to look good too. I still get my hair done, put my makeup on. I like to wear nice clothes, who doesn't? The difference is, if you are putting on these things to cover up insecurities, are there parts of yourself that you don't like, physically or emotionally? How good is your confidence and your self esteem?

    See, you don't want to be fake about who you are. You need to be authentic in order to be comfortable in your own skin. So, when you feel good you are going to look good. If you are agreeing with me I'd ask you this question. How much time and money do you spend on looking good? How much time and money do you spend on feeling good? If you are like most people you probably don't spend a lot of time or money on feeling good.

    I think that's something we could all change. If we spend a little bit more time in the morning instead of getting our hair done and putting makeup on, is to sit with yourself and just feel good. Connect with yourself, connect with your heart, and connect with who you are, and how you want to feel that day. I think if we do that then you are going to feel good, you will have more self-esteem and more confidence, and that's going come across in all the relationships that you have throughout the day.

    To be honest that's something I love about Altearah, we do make beautiful products, and we want people to feel good about themselves. First, we want you to smell nice, and our products are all about that lovely aroma therapy. It's also important that you feel good, and that's where we put most of our emphasis. We create products that actually work on your relationship with yourself, and making sure that you feel good. I just suggest you take a little bit of time, maybe spend a little bit of money, and make yourself feel good.
    You will benefit so much.