Hi! Welcome to Altearah. My name's Maureen Callister. I'm very excited to tell you about a wonderful new product that we're adding to the Altearah Bio range. Now, if you don't know Altearah Bio, we've got a range of perfumes, body oils, and body scrubs. They come in 14 beautiful colours. They are a blend of pure essential oils and they're blended in such a way that each one matches the vibration and the frequency of a specific colour.

Each color brings a different mood and different emotion.

They've been around for a while, but we've got something new. We've got these beautiful little concentrated essential oils in a roll on. These are so handy and so easy to use. You use the little roll on like a normal perfume. You roll it on here or you can roll it on to your neck or any of the main points where you would put your normal perfume, but look they're a great little size compared to the perfumes. They're going to be great to carry with you throughout the day. Pop them in your handbag or even in your pocket because I recommend that you use them regularly throughout the day to really get the benefit that the essential oils can bring you. As you use them throughout the day, you're going to get more of that aromatherapy blend that helps you to change the mood and change how you feel.

Enjoy having a look through our lovely new concentrates. They do come in the 14 colors. You just have to pick, which one is going to suit you today.