Altearah: Making life easier
Finding Gems in the sand: My journey with Altearah

It’s difficult to truly express how delighted I am to be able to launch this website and bring these beautiful products to you. The Altearah Bio range has inspired, healed and supported me for around 8 years now. As we do in so many things I resisted at the beginning, I thought I knew better, but over time the Altearah Perfumes and the Altearah Body Oils made their way into my practice and into my life and I’m so glad.

Our family moved to Dubai in 2007 for a two-year project for my husband. Shortly after arriving I happen to pass by an interesting medical practice, ‘Synergy Integrated Medical Centre’ so I enquired if they were interested in having a Kinesiologist join their team. They were! It was the beginning of an amazing, challenging, exciting learning curve that I shared with a wonderful group of medical and alternative healers. It was a busy practice and very well respected, all to the credit of a husband and wide team, Randy and Suzanne Phillips.

Altearah Perfumes I had already been practicing kinesiology for nearly ten years and had my own kit of support tools but Suzanne encouraged me to use the Altearah Australia products. Pretty perfumes didn’t seem too serious and weren’t going to cut it for me, I preferred my Bach flower essences. But with an open mind I added them to my list of options and was continually surprised by the wisdom, the value and the power of these simple perfumes and oils. They are like a gift from heaven; seriously.

We left Dubai in 2011 returning to Sydney so our kids could finish high school. I started up my Self Centred wellness business again but by now I couldn’t work without Altearah Bio. I started buying them in and recommending them to my clients here. Of course they loved them and more importantly benefited from them. It was not my intention to start a business in sales so again I resisted. But not anymore. Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the Altearah perfumes, Altearah body oils and Altearah scrubs.

So don’t resist like me but embrace the magical effects of these delightful organic cosmetics. They offer a wonderful opportunity to be kind to yourself, nurture your body and mind and practice patience and compassion as you learn and grow.

Altearah Perfumes

Blue will bring you peace, and calm the internal conflict, pink is for tenderness and creates a sense of comfort and understanding. Royal purple forms a new foundation, easing the nervous system with a sense of stability and strength. No-one can be without silver; use it to repair anything – from burns and bruises to an aching heart and overwhelming emotions. Browse through the colours and pick what you would wish for yourself as if you were your own best friend…. And then get one for your friend!!

Whatever you chose it will be the right one, trust me. We all have all these colours and vibrations in us and around us, and each one will bring you what you need. Healing, supporting and nurturing yourself has never been so easy and so much fun – enjoy.