Holding onto negative emotion causes toxicity in the body and this has two detrimental effects.

The first, toxicity is wrapped in fat cells and stored in the body and we definitely don’t want that.

And second, toxicity causes inflammation giving you stiff joints, arthritis and pain.

The 5 major negative emotions are:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Guilt

Anger sadness and grief deplete the heart making it feel heavy and leading to depression. 

Fear makes us feel threatened it agitates the nervous system putting us into fight/flight response and leads to anxiety.

Guilt affects our sense of self worth making us feel that we are not good enough and destroys our self-confidence.

It is important to clarify that is really no such thing as a negative emotion because in fact every emotion serves a purpose and provided the emotion is expressed appropriately it will do no harm. The problem occurs when we are not able to express the emotion and release it from the body. The chemical reaction to the emotion is then stuck in the body and becomes toxic.  So it is the holding on as opposed to letting go of emotion that causes the problem.

At Self Centred we specialise in assisting you to release old negative emotion freeing your body from toxicity.