Are you struggling to find some quiet time? Are you stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you need to find some peace?

Let me show you how;

In a world that is chaotic, topsy-turvy and stressful, the most valuable lesson we can learn is how to remain peaceful, quiet, calm and composed. When the world around us is going crazy we need to ground ourselves and avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind of activity and angst. Would learning how to do this help you?

Finding Peace is important for the health of your body and mind. When you can find some peace and quiet it allows you to stabilise yourself and know that you are safe.

When you want peace in the world, to quote Michael Jackson “start with the man in the mirror”.

Peace comes from within. When we stop waging war on ourselves, when we stop beating ourselves up for all the reasons we think we are not good enough; When we decide to make peace with ourselves and accept who we are, right here and right now, that’s when we can accept the world with all its failings and we can make the world a better place.

Making peace does not mean we are lazy or apathetic or unconcerned. It means we are accepting, kind and forgiving. The big difference here is that the energy of peace comes from love rather than fear, which makes Peace inspiring and stimulating because it comes with wisdom and discernment.

But how do you find Peace in the middle of the chaos?

There is often a list of things that has to be done but for the next 5 minutes lets put that list aside and stop. Peace puts us in a state of self-acceptance. Accepting that we are in the right place and it’s the right time to be here - doing nothing. Yes the answer is to slow down and stop ….. just for 5 minutes.

So lets reflect on how you are ‘being’ not on how you are doing! Take stock of your energy. How are you feeling? What is the vibration of your energy body?

Now place your hands on your tummy and breathe; long slow deep breaths in and out. Repeat the words: I am ok, I am safe.

I am at peace.

Peace comes through me

Repeat this simple process a few times a day until that energy becomes more of your norm rather than the exception. To make it even easier I recommend the Blue spray for immediate relief. Spray the perfume into your hands, rub them together to warm up the perfume then when it is dry breathe deeply 3 to 4 times. Feel your body respond instantly.Blue spray for instant calm and peace

If overwhelm and internal conflict are habits of yours then use the Blue body oil. The body oil travels deeper, calming your nervous system, relaxing your tummy and helping you surrender. Use it every day, morning and night and watch your body and energy change.