We have been promoting ‘White’ this month on Altearah Australia with the purpose of supporting your cleansing and renewal for the New Year.

And while I was discussing the virtues of the white fragrance recently I related a story about just how powerful these products are; so I though I would share it with you.

You should know that the colour White is recommended for jetlag as it cleans the pollution accumulated from flights and changing time zones. But a word of warning here;

I came back from a recent trip to Europe and being keen to avoid the horrible fog of jetlag I enthusiastically lathered my body with the Altearah White Body Oil.  In fact I did it three times a day for the next two days until the cleansing took on a meaning of its own. Lets just say I could not leave the bathroom for a day or two. I felt that I was cleansing body and soul! And then after it settled I felt amazing.

So take it easy start slowly and build it up. Happy cleansing.