I bought a red perfume with beautiful rose scent and I love how reassured and confident I feel when I wear it. I've also had lots of compliments too.

My daughter bought the silver scrub which she uses before going to bed and it has helped her sleep better and relaxes and calms her down. Love these wonderful products!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Altearah range and so do all my clients! They are an instant healing medium. Too often we ignore the power of the sense of smell but in fact it is the fastest pathway to our subconscious. Think of smelling something, and it takes you back to a moment in your past. Thank you to introducing me to this range or products Maureen Callister - I will definitely be buying more :-)
-- Nichole


Thanks for introducing me to Altearah Fragrances and oils - they are just the most beautiful and luscious products I have ever used. I just love them. My favourite product is the orange body scrub, which not only resurfaces my skin but then the lovely oils soften and moisturise my skin at the same time. The aroma is like freshly cut oranges and makes me feel calm and soothed. Really comforting. Plus the body scrub is a two in one product! The perfumes are also lovely and I especially love white, which makes me feel revitalised and clear. Like anything is possible.
-- Alison


The Silver spray really calmed me down and I found it very relaxing. It also enabled me to feel more grounded and focused. Love using it! x
-- Kim

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