Enough is Enough

Why does it never seem to be enough? There is always more to do; the list never ends.

The need to excel and the drive to do more, have more, to be better, smarter, prettier, thinner never seems to stop.  The demands of our modern society are insatiable.  Especially with Christmas coming up lets ask, how much is enough?

The word enough has lost it’s meaning. Enough means adequate for the need or want; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy the desire. If we say we have done enough it smacks of average or a poor effort. There is a fear that being happy with enough means that we are not improving, being content might mean that we rest on our laurels.

But more than enough is too much and becomes excessive.

Are we trying to prove something to ourselves or to others?  There is a fear that if we don’t keep striving that we will lose something. Our competitors will take our business, another student will get my place, I won’t get the promotion. This is just fear; fear that there is not enough.  This is a belief in lack and reflects a lack in ourselves.

I don’t believe it is in our natural human condition to stop growing; improvement after all is natural. But when we are crippled by too high an expectation it makes us feel inadequate. When a parent in all good intention encourages and pushes their child to strive for more we are telling then that they are inadequate. Why do we value hard work more than we value ease, pleasure and well-being.

Lets encourage and value feeling satisfied, and that means content and complete. When did you last come home at the end of a busy day feeling content and complete?  

Let’s give ourselves a break.

It’s time to realize that we have enough; enough to eat, enough to drink. That we have done enough, worked enough, know enough, helped enough and that we ARE Enough.

Enough is Enough

Orange helps us to come back to ourselves. When we love and accept ourselves it is easier to feel content and complete and we find more joy in just feeling good about ourselves. This is the energy of Orange. It delights in abundance and the joy of receiving. It is resourceful, enthusiastic and creative. When we relax and know that we are enough our health improves. Orange is great for digestion, immunity, warmth and sensuality. It is useful for resolving the conflicts in relationships especially the maternal ones – because we learn that we are enough.

Enough is enough! So stop and take a break so that you can create and express your life as you desire.