At Altearah Bio, we believe that wellness is achieved through the balance of our emotions.

The stress of daily life means we all need to look after ourselves so we can handle whatever life throws at us. Altearah’s Silver Repair helps bring your body back into balance with our unique essential oil blends. Certified organic, and vegan friendly, this beautiful range of organic sensations come in a perfume spray, body oil, and handy concentrate roll-on.

Made from a blend of organic essential oils, Silver Repair includes healing favourites such as geranium, orange, lavender and sandalwood. However, the star in this healing blend is Helichrysum italicum, which acts as an antioxidant, an antibacterial, an antifungal and an anti-inflammatory, boosting health and warding off disease. Some of its most popular uses are for treating wounds, infections, digestive problems, supporting the nervous system and heart health, as well as healing respiratory conditions.

The Altearah Silver Repair Body Oil has a deeper action, penetrating through the skin, into the blood stream and is transported throughout your body. A longer lasting solution, the oil works on both your mental and physical states, relieving your stress and anxiety. Use after a relaxing bath or long shower.

The Altearah Silver Repair Perfume is fresh, soft and nurturing. If you have a jam-packed day ahead, use Silver Repair Perfume regularly to maintain balance and minimise overwhelm.

Our Altearah Silver Repair 15ml Concentrate is for when you need to remedy cuts, bruises and burns. Apply to a burn quickly, and keep applying until the pain has subsided, and apply as the burn returns. Depending on the severity of the burn, your pain will go and leave no scars or marks. Use regularly on surgical scars, cuts and bruises to eliminate infection, pain and scarring.

Greater wellness is achieved through balancing the emotions and to help maintain a positive outlook. Greater self-awareness teaches us how to understand ourselves, connect with our feelings and to live more consciously and authentically. Altearah is here to support you each day, every day.