Everybody loves the idea of a detox to feel lighter, fresher and have more energy, but dreads the fasting, denying and restricting yourself.  How much would you love a detox that feels luxurious, rewarding and pampering right at home without the Spa price tag.

Here’s a program of healing and cleansing that your going to love.

First you should understand that toxicity is the result of ‘excess’; maybe too much food or drink, what you don’t know is, often it’s a result of too much stress. To detox we really need to restore our balance. So let’s focus on resting , restoring and recuperating.

Luxury detox:

Step 1; White Scrub. Inject a new energy in the whole body and mind.

It will increase circulation and stimulation to prepare and help good body elimination. White is the colour of purity and cleansing, and is the best foundation for clearing toxicity and pollution.

The scrub is made from Himalayan salt which is full of natural and healing minerals. It exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time.

Use daily for up to 5 days and then once or twice a week regularly.

Step 2; Royal Purple Body Oil.  Use Royal purple to support good vitality and passion while preserving your deep resources. This is the colour for grounding and restoring your energy, giving you strength and stability.

The Altearah Bio body oil is made from organic vegetable oil blended with the natural essential oils so they are full of good omega 3 and 6 fats that are great for your nervous system as well as your skin.

Squeeze a few drops into a well in your hand, rub your hands together and then rub all over the body. During your detox use the body oil 3 times a day if possible but especially after your shower and then daily ongoing.

Step 3; Orange Perfume. Use the orange perfume throughout the day during your detox to balance your emotions and reconnect with your emotional body. Orange assists us to accept and nourish ourselves, making it easier to find contentment and joy in just feeling good. Just Be. Orange is great for the digestive system and emotional eating. It is warm and sensual and connects us to our femininity.  

Spray the perfume onto the hand, rub the hands together to let the liquid evaporate a little, then take your hands to your face and take 3- 4 long slow deep breaths.


Relax, Enjoy and Repeat again tomorrow and for the next 7 days. You’ll feel like a new person.

Drink lots of clean water, eat natural fresh food and get outside surrounded by nature’s green under her blue skies.  Yoga is perfect but any light exercise is going to boost your energy and give you a radiant glow.

I have more ideas and suggestions about detoxing and pampering to help you feel great, call me on 0407 468533 or you can check out more colours and options at www.altearah.com.au.  There’s a special package offer waiting for you there to make your pampering even more satisfying.

This is your perfect pamper program for any weekend; simply feel good about yourself.

Enjoy -