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ABOUT US – Altearah - Organic Perfume Australia

Altearah Australia is delighted to bring you the latest in Organic perfumery direct from the south of France; Perfume sprays, body oils and serums that smell wonderful while boosting your mood and enhancing your wellbeing.

You can choose from a range of 14 colours; each colour creates a mood and offers you a palette of colour emotion. 

Imagine the impact of combining aromatherapy and colour therapy. Imagine the dance your nose will do with that combination. Well now you can.

At Altearah Australia we believe in wellness, naturally. Looking good and feeling good should not be harmful so we are all for organic – especially when it smells and feels this good.  The entire Altearah range is 100% organic so you know its safe.

A full range of 14 colours is available in perfumes, body oils and concentrated serums.  Each colour is a blend of essential oils, specifically selected to boost your mood and enhance your emotions. 

Emotive colour cosmetics are intended to support people to connect with themselves at a deeper level.

Greater wellness is achieved through balancing the emotions and maintaining a positive outlook.

Greater self awareness teaches us how to understand ourselves, connect with our feelings and to live more consciously and authentically. The Altearah cosmetics support you every day.


Altearah Bio was originally developed and is still produced in Bellegarde in the south of France. The offices and factory are located on a beautiful provincial farmhouse in the organic vineyard. This area of the south of France is well known for its organic farming and particularly for its perfumery and lavender fields.

After being introduced to the products range while in Dubai during my stay there (2007 – 2011) I could not return to Australia without them. I sought permission to continue using the products with my personal clients and started imported them from 2012. As my Australian clients experienced the joy and benefits of using the oils, perfumes and scrubs the demand grew. Over the next few years I realised that it was time to offer Altearah to the wider community; why should everyone benefit so here it is for you.

Use your intuition to select the colour or the emotion you want to benefit from.

  • Select a scrub to cleans, nourish and hydrate your skin.
  • Select a body oil to moisturise, repair and tonify the skin and go deep into you personal connection with yourself. Use every morning and spoil yourself at night.
  • Select a Perfume spray to receive an instant burst of lightness and release. Use the spray 4 to 5 times during the day to maintain the effect.
  • Select a serum to treat a specific pain or problem area. Rub into the affected are regularly during the day.