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Welcome to Altearah Bio, where we make feeling good easy!

Let your emotions speak; they are the key to your wellbeing.

At Altearah Bio we believe that our wellness is achieved through the management of our emotions and so we have developed this beautiful range of organic sensations. You can choose from perfume sprays, body oils and scrubs, each coming in 14 colours - one colour for one emotion. The 14 colours are blended from pure essential oils to enhance specific moods, offering “emotive cosmetiques” that deliver a powerful combination of colour therapy and aromatherapy.

Altearah Bio is produced in the organic farmlands of Bellegarde, in the South of France, in our own organic laboratory. Our brand of cosmetics is produced with pure essential and plant oils and is certified 100% natural and organic. The Altearah Company’s aim is to offer an innovative concept that combines aromatherapy, colour and fragrance to enhance beauty and wellbeing. The concept works with the philosophy that beauty comes from within, so the 14 Altearah Bio colours offer the benefit of natural and organic ingredients designed to promote balance and harmony, through the mind-body action, promoting health and wellness.


There are many reasons why people wear perfume: to smell nice, to feel more beautiful, more confident or to attract attention; ultimately, it is to feel good. Altearah Perfumes are not like other perfumes: each one delivers you with the opportunity to experience a mood and sensation that is unique and personal. Where else are you able to select from 14 emotions, each one delicately blended to take you on a journey into yourself. Because the perfumes are certified organic and natural they are organic by their very nature, enhancing your natural energy. The Altearah Bio perfumes will take you to a place of quiet and calm, instantly and gently. Use the Altearah Bio ritual to connect you back to the essences of who you are.

Body oils

When you want to make changes that go deep and are long lasting, choose the Altearah body oil. Very soft to the touch with no greasy feel, the body oils allow you to appreciate the essential oils deeply all day long. The base oils of apricot kernel oil and macadamia nut oil are then blended with the natural essential oils to formulate each of the 14 colours. These body oils on their own are full of beneficial omega 3 and 6 fats that are great for the nervous system and skin. Adding the colour blend makes them more dynamic and specific in their action.

Use the body oil over your entire body every day to keep your skin toned and moisturised. To maximise the emotional effect, increase usage to two or even three times a day for deep penetration of the skin.

Body Scrub

Exfoliation is the key to healthy skin - and there is no better way to develop this health than with our award winning range of Body Scrubs. The scrub is made from Himalayan salt which is full of natural healing minerals. It exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. The Altearah scrub will increase circulation, enhancing the elimination of toxins.

White is the colour of purity and cleansing, and is the best foundation for clearing toxicity and pollution. Use daily for up to 5 days and then once or twice a week.