Altearah Pure Cleansing Face Wash in White Pure

Product Description

Are you looking to cleanse your mind and body of pollution and impurities? White Pure lightens your body and mind, regenerating your body and spirit. The scent is airy and refreshing – ensuring you are refreshed, cool and ready for your next challenge.

Altearah Face Wash in White Pure gently cleanses, detoxes and clarifies your complexion. Its creamy texture maintains your skin’s balance and provides a feeling of comfort with its crisp, clean scent. Use in the morning before you start your day, and in the evening before going to bed. If you are wearing makeup, apply the Face Wash to cotton to remove it more efficiently.


Made in France. 150 ml (5.07 fl oz)

Ecocert certified 100% organic.

One Voice certified, not tested on animals and free of animal products. Vegan.

Slow Cosmetique certified, a natural, healthy and reasoned approach to consumption.