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5 toxic emotions 0

Holding onto negative emotion causes toxicity in the body and this has two detrimental effects.

The first, toxicity is wrapped in fat cells and stored in the body and we definitely don’t want that.

  • Maureen Callister

Cleansing with Altearah White Body Oil 0

We have been promoting ‘White’ this month on Altearah Australia with the purpose of supporting your cleansing and renewal for the New Year.

And while I was discussing the virtues of the white fragrance recently I related a story about just how powerful these products are; so I though I would share it with you.

  • Maureen Callister

3 Step Altearah Bio Luxury detox 0

Everybody loves the idea of a detox to feel lighter, fresher and have more energy, but dreads the fasting, denying and restricting yourself.  How much would you love a detox that feels luxurious, rewarding and pampering right at home without the Spa price tag.
  • Maureen Callister

Enough is Enough 0

Enough is Enough

Why does it never seem to be enough? There is always more to do; the list never ends.

The need to excel and the drive to do more, have more, to be better, smarter, prettier, thinner never seems to stop.  The demands of our modern society are insatiable.  Especially with Christmas coming up lets ask, how much is enough?

  • Maureen Callister

Altearah: Making life easier 0

Altearah Perfumes It’s difficult to truly express how delighted I am to be able to launch this web site and bring these beautiful products to you. The Altearah Bio range has inspired, healed and supported me for around 8 years now. As we do in so many things I resisted at the beginning, I thought I knew better, but over time the Altearah Perfumes and the Altearah Body Oils made their way into my practice and into my life and I’m so glad.
  • Maureen Callister